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We offer a range of options from Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Online Classes. ​​​​​​​

E-motion Yoga Training ​​​​​​​


Experience online​​​​​​​ or in person classes for consistent practice.


We do longer experiences with more time to go into all of the elements of Taoist-Chinese Yoga (Neidan). Check for any upcoming workshops in the events above or feel free to contact us about hosting workshops at your venue. 

Retreats/ Immersions

A full day or multiple day event led by an E-motion Yoga senior facilitator to go deep into the process of E-motion Yoga. Check above for upcoming retreats or feel free to contact us about hosting retreats. 

Online Training

You can learn E-motion Yoga from anywhere in the world. We upload new videos regularly to keep your practice fresh and up to date with our